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The Genuine Leather

The Genuine Leather

 It is known that genuine leather has many advantages over artificial leather for several reasons, including that genuine leather products last for a long time, as their life span is three times longer than the life of pieces made of artificial leather. Also, the genuine leather pieces have a special luster and striking beauty, and they withstand repeated uses and remain beautiful and glossy.

Currently, there are many genuine leathers used in leather industries such as leather shoes, bags, and leather wallets. They vary in texture, quality, color and aroma. Also, not every type of leather is rather suitable for all leather industries, for example, crocodile skin is more suitable for making shoes. In this article, we will learn about the types of genuine leather and their sources, as well as the most appropriate use of them.

 Some types of genuine leather:

  • Cowhide and Calfskin Leather

Cowhide is the most common type of leather, and it is one of the heaviest types of leather, which makes it very durable. Cowhide leather, which is considered the cheapest, is easy to care for, not to mention that it is resistant to dust and water.

Although it may be a bit tough, it can be easily broken to bend.

Designers offer it either dyed or in its original colour, and use it to make many accessories, such as wallets and handbags.

As for calf leather, it has a smooth surface, lighter weight, and prominent lustre. It is also resistant to abrasion. It is used to make small leather products such as wallets, card holders and gloves.

  • Python Leather

Python skin is delicate, soft and flexible, and features hexagonal geometric patterns that give it a very unique and beautiful appearance. The prices of this type of leather vary according to the age of the python, and the method of treatment that it has undergone.

The older the snake, the higher the price of its skin.

Designers use python skin to make shoes, and handbags, as well as wallets.

  • Crocodile Leather

It is one of the most expensive and luxurious types of leather. That's why fashion designers use it to make bags, shoes and small leather pieces.

The appearance of this leather may change and may be polished or matte. The most luxurious type of crocodile skin is that whose scales are soft and the spaces between them are small, as the folds of the skin do not stand out clearly when it is folded.

  • Ostrich leather

It is one of the most rare and luxurious types of leather, and it is tolerant of weather fluctuations. It's extremely soft, yet thick leather, which makes it very popular in the accessory industry.

Ostrich skin is characterized by circular protrusions above its surface, which are the follicles from which feathers grow.

Its genuine makes international fashion designers use it to make many goods, such as shoes, jewelry accessories and wallets, as well as clothes and travel bags.


Some methods for detecting the genuine leather:

  • check the texture

genuine leather has a distinctive feel. The texture of genuine leather is rough, durable and has a meandering effect, while the texture of artificial leather is soft, supple, and somehow stretchy.

  • Check by burning

Sometimes, you can find a piece of genuine leather attached with the genuine leather good, by exposing the piece of leather to a flame. If it burns quickly, it is artificial leather that contains petroleum materials. If it takes a few minutes before it burns, it is genuine leather, as it does not catch fire easily. It also produces a puff smell similar to the smell of burning hair.

  • Check the edges

The edges of the genuine leather piece can also be checked to make sure they are genuine or artificial leather. The edges of genuine leather are rough, while the edges of artificial leather are similar in the texture to plastic.

  • Check the leather pores

On the surface of genuine leather, pores and shallow meanders are uneven and regular in shape and arrangement. But if those meanders are regular like patterns, it means that it is artificial leather.

  • Check with water drops

This is the simplest way is by pouring drops of water on the leather. If the leather absorbs the water droplets very quickly, it means that it is a genuine leather. As for the artificial leather, it leaves water in the form of a pool on its surface.

  • Pressing test

Typically, pressing on genuine leather causes wrinkles and contractures to be left in the area you applied. As for the artificial leather, the pressure on it will not affect its shape.


Finally, prices of genuine leather are more expensive compared to artificial leather, and its price categories is as follows: “cows - buffaloes - sheep - goats". As for the leather of the crocodile, the snake and the tiger, it is one of the expensive leathers that are only sold in designated and specific places.




Bahr Brand uses only genuine leather for its products. The type of genuine leather is always mentioned in the product description.

Mainly uses python and crocodile leather.